Creating a perfect
custom look

A new paint job can take any piece of furniture and make it look like new—or old! At FleaBody’s we can strip, strain, distress, or stencil your furniture to give it the exact look you are searching for.

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Our Custom Painting Services

A distressed or antiqued piece of furniture adds a certain charm to a home. Some will pay top dollar for new furniture painted to achieve this dated and worn look, but we can add flair for a fraction of the price. Plus, by using a piece you already own, you’ll get to keep any sentimental value intact.

What kind of look are you looking for?

leaves a piece of furniture looking worn, with exposed pieces of wood showing underneath the paint.

Antiquing: incorporates the distressing technique and a brown tint to make an item look aged and less new.

Shabby Chic: furniture is painted in an off-white color and then distressed to accomplish its unique look.

Stenciling: from whimsical paisleys to winding vines and decorative flower motifs, stenciling is a great way to add a little something extra to your furniture.

All services are priced per item. Please email us at for a quote!

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