Fusion Milk Paint

Fusion Milk Paint offers a variety of furniture refinishing products including paint, waxes, hemp oil, bonding agents, and accessories. The milk paint is sold as a powder that you mix with water to create the desired effect on any porous surface – from a stain to paint.

Fusion Milk Paint does require sanding and a top coat for the best-finished look possible. This is to protect the paint and bring out the color. There are over 25 colors to choose from in this line and we carry paint swatches for you to compare the pigments. This milk paint is non-toxic and biodegradable.

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Fusion Mineral Paints

This acrylic paint is easy to use because it doesn’t require prep work or a topcoat. Its 31 colors are environmentally safe and give the furniture a desirable matte appearance. All of the pigments are natural and plucked straight from the earth.

Fusion Mineral Paints also produce wax, concealer, crackle coating, paste, glaze, and so much more. The even coverage with minimal brush strokes required, plus the low-maintenance prep make this a popular choice for beginner and busy DIY crafters. This is truly a one-step paint.

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